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Reviewer Name: Christopher Rodriguez
Review Date: 2011-12-13
Artist: Jonsi
Album: We Bought A Zoo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label: Columbia
Review: Saturation from the depths of immortal paradise. This soundtrack for We Bought A Zoo is a whole grain musical loaf from the oven of nature. Jonsi, vocalist/guitarist of Icelandic Sigur Ros, takes his more personal and melodious creations to give motion picture, We Bought A Zoo, and us a collection of pure glory. Each track displays a variety of ambient instrumentation wrapped in beautiful vocals. Track "go-to's" include Boy Lilikoi, Sinking Friendships, Go Do, and Gathering Stories. Seek out other tracks to be soothing, pleasurable compositions for the ears. Overall, this soundtrack is an outstanding example for the potential of instrument ability, including Jonsi's vocal cords.

Reviewer Name: Matt Costello
Review Date: 2011-12-02
Artist: The Roots
Album: Undun
Label: Def Jam
Review: Though most know The Roots for being the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The group actually has had a long, successful career as one of the most talented bands in Hip-Hop. In a genre based using samples, The Roots are unusual; they use live instrumentation. The result is just as much about the music as the raps, and Undun is no exception. A concept album about the death of a man told in reverse, the lyrics are cryptic, politically charged, and emotional. The group's MC Black Thought has a flow that's smooth and rhythmic, and guests including Big K.R.I.T. and Dice Raw help tell the story. Drummer Questlove leads the groove-based band, and the result is sometimes beautiful, sometimes raw and funky. The album shows that the band is as creative as ever, and it's the perfect record to start 2012.

Reviewer Name: Matt Costello
Review Date: 2011-10-18
Artist: M83
Album: Hurry Up, We\\\'re Dreaming
Label: Mute
Review: M83 started out as a project between French musicians Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau, and they were grouped into the guitar-effect heavy “Shoegaze” genre. But after Fromageau’s departure the band is now 6 albums into their career and largely an outlet for the incredibly talented Gonzalez. “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” will likely go down as his Magnum Opus. Spanning across two discs Gonzalez weaves a sound collage that pulls at the heart strings and moves the feet to dance. A high water mark for electronic music, the album boasts insanely catchy dance tracks like “Midnight City” and “New Map”, as well as some of the most beautiful songs of the year, like the ballad “Wait”. Without question that band’s best work to date, this album is a must-have.

Reviewer Name: Sara Sanchez
Review Date: 2011-10-11
Artist: Markéta Irglová
Album: Anar
Label: Anti
Review: Born in the Czech Republic, Markéta might have won your heart back in 2006 with the movie “Once” (personal favorite) in which she acted along with the Irish song-writer, Glen Hansard. They are mostly known as the lovely duo in the band The Swell Season. This is Markéta’s solo album debut, which will recapture your heart. Anar means pomegranate in Persian, which is the the image on the cover art. It is the perfect image as her songs seem to emerge from the depth of her heart, and what we get is the pure red flesh of her being. Anar reveals the Markéta we know with her intimate feel that usually surrounds her songs. Her solo work includes her haunting vocals and her soothing piano. The influences on this album create a variety of sounds ranging from tints of R&B, soul, and jazz. Her voice and melodies are a great companion for those solitary walks through the cold night . I highly recommend the songs: “Go Back,” “Last Fall,” “Let Me Fall in Love,” and “Your Company.”


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