Aidan Charron

Year @ Hope: 2024; Freshman
Major(s): Undeclared; either Christian History/Theology or Biblical Studies
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Interests: I love to read; my favorite author is C.S. Lewis. I especially like theological, fiction, and fantasy books. Aside from reading I love music. I grew up in a musical house, so I was surrounded by it at a young age. I play bass guitar and a little bit of acoustic guitar. I constantly listen to music and am a bit of an audiophile, only I don't have enough time or money to be bonafide one. I have a sizeable record collection at home and love hunting for vinyl.
Why you joined WTHS: I joined WTHS 'cause I love music and love sharing my music with others because that's how I came to love music.
Favorite Music: I typically listen to music from the '60s-'90s. I'm not too hip to that new stuff. My favorite artists include U2, Sting/The Police, Paul Simon, Springsteen, R.E.M., Peter Gabriel, The Allman Bros, John Mayer, Dire Straits, and Stevie Wonder.
Show and Time: "Music Your Dad Likes," Mondays @ 8:00 p.m.