Kaniya Houston

Email: kaniya.houston@hope.edu
Year @ Hope: Junior
Major(s): Communications
Hometown: Chicago
Interests: I have a huge interest and passion for spirtuality! I'm always finding healthy ways to incorporate God in everything I do! I love singing, dancing, playing sports for fun, hanging with friends, learning, teaching, and traveling!
Why you joined WTHS: I joined WTHS to play soulful music! I don't believe that there's certain music for certain people - we all love soulful music! I call my show "genreless", because I play all types of music! I generally focus on R&B/HipHop/Rap because there's not a lot of stations that play this type of soulful music in Holland!
Favorite Music: Soulful music is my favorite music! Any artist that can be vulnerable and paint a picture for me, or even getting me to understand their point of view through a story is my absolute cup of tea!
Show and Time: Kaniya's Genreless Playlist - Fridays at 5pm