Lexi Siefke

Email: alexandra.siefke@hope.edu
Year @ Hope: 2024
Major(s): Computer Science, Japanese Minor
Hometown: Perrysburg, Ohio
Interests: I'm involved in the Phelps Scholars Program and STEP, and I am on the executive board for Women of Color United. I'm an RA in Scott Hall as well. In my free time I like to play video games, run, read, and hang out with friends.
Why you joined WTHS: I joined WTHS to be able to share my interests and music, as well as talk with great people like my co-host Michelle.
Favorite Music: I like alternative, folk, and pop. My favorite artists are Lorde, Mumford and Sons, Tyler the Creator, and Young the Giant.
Show and Time: Super Hydraulic Instantaneous Talkshow