Luke Elder

Year @ Hope: Junior
Major(s): Communication
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Interests: Lacrosse, Art, Guitar, Music
Why you joined WTHS: A love of learning about, listening, and finding music--I guess I felt the need to share that with others.
Favorite Music: Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Electric Light Orchestra, The Rolling Stones, The Police, David Bowie, Declan McKenna, The Beatles, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Townes Van Zandt, Elliott Smith, Neil Young, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure, Beach House, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, The Talking Heads, Bon Iver, Whitney, Roy Orbison, Mac Demarco
Show and Time: The Juke with Luke, Thursdays @ 8pm