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Program Schedule

Find out when your favorite DJ show will be on the air. This schedule changes frequently so make sure that you check back often to make sure that you don’t miss a thing!

Playlist Archive

Check out the playlist archive to browse through WTHS’ daily playlist logs. The database will be updated each week with the last week’s playlists.

Listen to WTHS Online

  • Radio.co
    • https://s3.radio.co/scf79220ed/listen
    • This standard listen link will open a new web browser page and begin playing the station. This link can also be entered into a smartphone app that plays Internet radio stations.
  • iTunes and Windows Media Player
    • http://s3.radio.co/scf79220ed/listen.m3u
    • This playlist listen link will download a media player playlist file named “listen.m3u”, which should automatically open in the computer’s media player and begin playing the station.