Gabriel Wolthuis

Year @ Hope: Sophomore
Major(s): Nursing
Hometown: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Interests: Music (kind of goes without saying), Soccer (playing and watching), board games, global politics, fancy root beers, good movies, beans, drinking Arnold Palmers by the gallon, chairs, Star Wars prequels, disliking sand (it's coarse, its rough, it's irritating...)
Why you joined WTHS: I really like listening to music, especially music that's somewhat under the radar. I also like sharing my music interests with people. However, what really convinced me to join was that I realized I could have a show where I could spotlight good Christian musicians and bands that don't get much attention or airplay on contemporary Christian radio stations.
Favorite Music: Young Oceans, Beach House, Novo Amor, Josh Garrels, Rivers & Robots, Andrew Belle, Beirut, The National, The War on Drugs, Chris Renzema, For King and Country, Starflyer 59, a-ha, Owl City
Show and Time: Songs in G, Wednesdays at 9-10 PM