Sarah Schubert

Year @ Hope: Sophomore
Major(s): Communications, Studio Art
Hometown: Enon, Ohio
Interests: - thrifting- collecting fun socks (ex. shrimp socks!)- sticking silly stickers in silly spots- crocheting- giggling- kicking my feet in the air
Why you joined WTHS: When I was looking for colleges, I narrowed my search to places that had a student-run radio station. Lo-and-behold, WTHS @ Hope appeared! For whatever reason, I felt so drawn to the idea of becoming a DJ -- it was quite frankly meant to be. I'm smitten with being a DJ now! You'll never pry me away from the microphone!!!
Favorite Music: I love any tune that suits my silly soul (ex. Animal Collective, Alex G, Big Thief, Dijon, and Junior Mesa)!
Show and Time: "The New Music Show" w/Marissa Cole and Ingrid Oslund on Sundays @ 10 am, "A Pinch of Us" w/Ingrid Oslund on Sundays @ 12 pm